For more than 30 years of experience, Transnúñez is pioneer in the tourism transportation industry in Costa Rica. For all these years, we continue to lead the way in Costa Rica by our outstanding service providing high quality units, beyond compare service and customer support. Our vast local knowledge provide us with a solid competitive advantage.

Due to the remarkable efforts and hard work, Transnúñez team has managed to acquire and maintain the confidence of prestigious tourist agencies, corporate companies and educational institutions, on a national and international level.


To provide the most reliable Tourism Transportation Service with the strictest security parameters, best hospitality, punctuality and comfortable environment for all of our clientele. Always providing opportunity of growth for our partners and collaborators.


To be the premier company for tourist transportation in the country, through excellent service and efficiency.

Transnúñez fully equipped luxury units offer different capacities for every customers’ needs. All units are design with latest technology in the field of mechanics and body equipment, to provide passengers the maximum space of security and comfort to enjoy a pleasant and carefree journey. In addition, the company has its own workshop to give the best maintenance required to ensure their correct functioning. Transnúñez drivers and office’s professional team make all the difference with their extensive experience in the transportation service. They are people who work with great competence, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction.




Enterprise Transparency

Working conditions

Service and Respect

Commitment to the environment

The story of our history

Beginnings of Transnúñez as a Tourism Company

Mr. José Antonio Núñez Núñez and Mrs. Marianella Chaverri Ramírez found Transnúñez in 1984 as a family business. At that time, tourism was expanding rapidly in our country and Mr. Núñez took advantage of his family experience in transportation business.

A few years after, Mr. Freddy Bogantes, who had always been a very close friend to the family and had experience in the transportation business, associate to the company by acquiring Mrs. Chaverri share holds. From that moment, the company began to expand by acquiring more units.

An admiration society

Through the years, the company continued growing and consolidating. The amount of business and the acquisition of new contracts made the owners decided to invest in more units and to buy a property in the community of Santa Elena in San Joaquín de Flores, Heredia. Place where they built the current offices of the company.

That raising small company with two buses and two drivers had transformed into a company with the modern technology fleet buses and employing more than 30 people. The business philosophy and good values established by the owners and the high committed team makes the company remain strong and consolidated.

Now, proudly in operation for more than 30 years the company distinguishes for a high quality of service, punctuality, and security with the most qualify team with vast experience.

Our Team

For us is very important to provide to our clients a direct contact with our administrative team. Above, we offer the direct extension of each person involve to assure you the best services our clients deserve.

Please dial the next number after dialing our offices numbers: (506) 2265-6183, (506) 2265-5037, (506) 2265-5127.

Nature of the color of the buses

In 1999, Transnúñez owners Freddy Bogantes and José Antonio Núñez travel to Mexico looking forward renewing buses. On a company visit, they noticed that the labeling on buses was with reflective material. This made them much more visible in the highway and thereby reducing the chance of accidents, so they implemented this same idea on Transnúñez buses.

In 2005, they bought new buses from Brazil and so they were looking to create a unique design for them. Due to the experience in Mexico with the reflective material and the emphasis on accident prevention, they decided to choose a color that would stand out on the roads and highways. A vivid yellow color was chosen, because it is attractive and appealing both day and night and is used universally as a prevention signal.


This is how the color yellow was chosen, because it is not only an eye-catching color, but it is also used indiscriminately as a sign of prevention. It also makes the bus very attractive both during the day and at night.


Another objective of the company and that we clearly mark in the colors of the buses is the green. This color focuses on the theme of environmental responsibility and as a framework for the beautiful green that our country gives us in its natural resources.


The orange as a symbol of each sunrise that gives us another day to enjoy and travel. This is how we define all 3 colors that we highlight and that we want to share in each of our trips together!