Nowadays, every world traveler is keenly aware of environmental concerns and will search out those companies who adhere to strict policies to protect and preserve nature.

Transnúñez, is well known as a transportation company, by which its main functioning feedstock is fuel. We are concern about this and so we create a program that will help decrease and mitigate damage caused by this raw material.

Responsible use of these products, proper treatment of these controls and their effects, not only are the responsibility of the producers or marketers, but also public and private authorities and as a whole society.

Our main goal is the awareness of conserving natural resources, which are not only for tourism importance but also as common good for both social and political issues.

INowadays, there is no category for the Certificate of the Tourism Sustainability for Transportation companies. However, we found a program in which we feel highly identified with. It evaluates the same practices on what our philosophy is based on. The Ecological Blue Flag Program in the category of Climate Change that was created since 2008, is a program that as indicated on the official website

It aims at achieving corporate environmental responsibility, within a framework of sustainability. The purpose is to promote the fight against the effects of climate change, through the management of integrity of the social environmental, by the execution of projects and activities that allow the acquirement of knowledge, the generation of awareness and the activation of actions to reduce consumption and its measurement, in order to compensate the environmental impact generated by the organization

Transnúñez since year 2012, proudly shares having gained the award of this Program in the category of Actions to face Climate Change.

We work together with recycling companies responsible for collecting the materials that are generate from our tours and also the ones that our staff and the people from the community brings from their homes.

As part of our efforts the materials that we recycle are:

  • Plastic
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Burned oil
  • Tires
  • Aluminum
  • Tetra-pack
  • Glass
  • Scrap-Metal
  • Ink and Tonner from printers
  • Electric devices
  • Batteries

Certain actions practiced during the daily operations, in order to contribute to the environment are:

  1. Reduction and greater efficiency in conduction for fossil fuel use decrease.
  2. Reduction and greater efficiency of water and electric energy usage.
  3. Reduction on paper use.
  4. Environmental Education.
  5. Sustainable products’ purchases.
  6. Proper Handling of Solid Waste.
  7. Mitigation Campaigns.
  8. Reforestation.
  9. Cleaning of waste in rivers, parks and nearby communities.
  10. 4 R’s Program Campaign: Reject, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  11. Among others