• Capacity*:
  • Style:
  • Air Conditioner:
  • Microphone:
  • AM/FM Radio with CD player:
  • Fabric Seats:
  • Seatbelts:
  • Tinted Windows:
  • Curtains on windows:
  • Internal luggage rack:
  • Cooler:
  • Reclining Seats with
  • DVD player with TV monitor:
  • Individual reading
  • Sanitary Service:
  • Wheelchairs Platform entry:
  • Luggage Storage:

Flota de buses inglés

* Capacity varies if passengers carry luggage or not.

** Only a few buses of 50 passengers have ramp.

Coach Bus 40 to 50 passenger’s equipment:

  • Air Conditioner / Climate Control Program:  The system allows temperature adjusting to maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside the vehicle.
  • Abdominal Seat Belts in all the seats.
  • Sanitary Service: Equipped with sink, waste storage, paper and soap dispenser and W / C signs and Occupy.
  • Platform for wheelchairs entry.
  • Air Suspension System: is a system for shock absorbers and air bags that provides a more comfortable trip.
  • Reclining Seats with armrest: Ergonomic seats made with fabric and foam-filled.
  • Folding cup holders, headrests and Document carry-on mesh.
  • Video / Audio system: DVD system for film watching with audio CD equipment and microphone.
  • Panoramic windows: For a better view of Costa Rica’s beauty.
  • Individual reading lights: Especially for reading lovers or looking out for belongings.
  • Cooler: For cold drinks or any other product that needs refrigeration with no ice needed.
  • Large luggage storage: Built with wide dimensions to store according to seats capacity. However, it is important to consult if there are large magnitude luggage so we can recommend the unit that best accommodate.
  • Lifting Valve: Enables bus to lean down for an easier passenger’s boarding.
  • Guiding Lights: Throughout the hall and boarding steps.
  • High quality units: fabricated in a rename brand company with market support.
  • Own Workshop: All units are submit into a rigorous maintenance preventive program to operate on a perfect mechanical condition fulfilling in every Technical Revision that the government requests.
  • Abdominal safety seat belts (two point) on every seat.
  • Assembled according to European Norms of non-turnover R66 norm (257/81 U.K.)
  • Body is protect against heat and noise (Thermo Acoustics Standard Euro IV).
  • Demarked Lateral windows serve as emergency exits.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • ESP: Electronic Stability Technology that assist driver to maintain vehicle control at all times and in straight lines and curves.
  • Security arches: Buses are manufacture with lateral and roof reinforcement for more safety and structural integrity.
  • Speed Limiter Controller: This system indicates when the vehicle is traveling upon 100 kilometers per hour.
  • Ensnare Brakes: with this system, bus performs with air brakes, not cables. This helps securing the bus when it is park so it will not move without demanding.
  • Air Brakes: It is not a hydraulic brake, which creates more security.
  • Intelligent Voit System: This system avoids brakes and wheels overheating. It can be activate at any time by the driver. Great security system, which causes no need to use foot brake.
  • Air Suspension and air bags systems: they provide major bus stability and extra passenger’s comfort.

This aspect has been carefully attended by our company, for this reason the buses are covered with the following insurance:

Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance:

This insurance protects without distinction any person injured as a result of traffic accidents, providing the medical care needed.

All vehicle owners should have the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (SOA), which aims to assure people that are injured in an accident involving such means of transport.

This insurance is charged annually and is required to obtain permission of the vehicle.

Thus, the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance covers the injury and death of people (pedestrians and occupants), victims of a traffic accident, whether or not subjective responsibility of the driver (Traffic Act 9078).


Mandatory Motor Vehicle Insurance provides services medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and rehabilitation; prostheses and medical devices, cash benefits for temporary or permanent disability or death, funeral expenses and the transfer of the body; travel expenses of the injured; Payments lodging and feeding people who are injured when connection with the supply of medical services – health or rehabilitation should move from a place other than his habitual residence; for those injured in a traffic accident in accordance with the 9078 Act.

As of January 1, 2017, the compulsory insurance cover for Motor Vehicles (SOA) will be up to ¢ 6,000,000.00 by deceased or injured person or until paid for motorcycle or moped type vehicle coverage.

Coverage Limit

9078 Traffic Law Article No. 66 states:

The coverage limit per person is individual and nontransferable as set out below:

a) to a basic amount to cover combined medical or financial benefits.

b) The amount provided in the preceding paragraph shall be doubled, in order to cover exclusively medical benefits, in the presence of any of the following situations:

i. The injured is not secured to the sickness and maternity scheme of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS)

ii. The injured is under eighteen years of age.

iii. the life of the injured will be at risk.

c) to a basic amount per person to cover compensation in the event of permanent disability, either total or partial.Do not deduct any amount in respect of benefits in subparagraphs a) and b).

d) to a basic amount per person to cover compensation in the event of death, which no amount is not deducted.

e) For all cases where the amount of coverage in items a) and b) of this article is exhausted, proceed in accordance with this law.

For more information you can access the official website for INS in the Menú name as PUBLICATIONS, GENERAL CONDITIONS.

Voluntary Automobile Insurance:

COVERAGE “A” TORT INJURY AND / OR DEATH OF PEOPLE: for up to a limit of two hundred million colones per person and four hundred million colones per accident.

It covers the Tort Liability (responsibility that is generally under the law, it requires the existence of a contract between the parties concerned) by injury and / or death of persons who have caused accidentally persons covered by use or maintenance of the insured vehicle, to be held liable civilians *. Also cover cases where a settlement (agreement is done or is outside the courts) or judicial settlement, or the application of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (it is a way of resolving disputes outside traditional methods occur, as complaints, complaints, complaints to judicial authorities directly), provided that they comply with the provisions in force.In cases where a court settlement or alternative dispute resolution request, this coverage will also cover moral damage (the suffering, psychological disorder, finally, spiritual involvement) arising as a result of a protected accident by the insurance contract, up to a maximum of 25% of the sums insured.

COVERAGE “C” TORT FOR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY OF THIRD PARTIES: up to eighty million colones per accident.

It protects the Tort Liability for damages and / or damage to property of third parties who have accidentally caused insured persons by the use or maintenance of the insured vehicle, to be held liable civilians by final judgment. In addition, it will cover the damage that the insured vehicle to the automotive spouse, children, and relatives to third degree of consanguinity or affinity (consanguinity first degree includes parents and children, second grandparents degree, siblings and grandchildren and third grade, uncles and nephews. the first-degree affinity spouse’s parents, spouse, child, second grade, grandparents, spouse, siblings, spouse and third grade, uncles and nephews spouse spouse) with application of Special Deductible (obtained from lower compensation the minimum deductible set plus the amount obtained by multiplying the percentage deductible for the gross loss, according to the (s) cover (s) affected in the event. If the result of this operation is below the minimum deductible latter value) is added. It will also cover cases where extrajudicial or judicial settlement or alternative dispute resolution occurs, provided that they comply with existing orders for this.

Seguro Responsabilidad Civil Umbrella

Este seguro se ofrece ante lesión y/o muerte de terceras personas y/o daños a la propiedad de terceras personas, a consecuencia de los accidentes que ocurran durante la vigencia de esta póliza en exceso de los límites de Responsabilidad Civil, establecidos en los contratos básicos. Por un monto asegurado de $2.000.000,00 (dos millones de dólares exactos).

From the legal perspective, our company is subscribe at the National Register as a corporate with Transnúñez S.A. name with the identification number 3-101-097261. We are properly register in Treasury and we keep up with the payment of all federal taxes that apply to us.

Transnúñez strictly act in accordance with labor and social security obligations, according Work Legal Code to the minimum remuneration established by law. Our company is register as a legal Employer and we pay every employer’s contribution percentage to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).

Our fleet has all daily law documents, which are:

  • Circulation Legal Right.
  • Tourism Permission.
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection (RTV).
  • Insurance policy.
  • Driver’s license and code.

Transnúñez fulfills all established requirements by the Ministry of Transportation (MOPT) and the related authorities, such as capacity and safety measures. As a result, we are properly authorize to operate in this activity.

Our company is associated with the Costa Rican Tour Operators Association (ACOT), which provides the only bus parking at the Juan Santamaria’s airport. This advantage by making faster passengers pick-up on their arrival to our country.

As a transportation tourism company, we are rule by the Executive Decree No. 36223-MOPT-TUR, for Regulation and Use of Ground Transportation Tourism Services for which we declare we accomplish completely. Download here

It also demands that on every given service, driver must carry a passenger’s list. You can download the respective document to fill up the list by doing click to the next link. Service Record Passenger’s List

There are also other laws that apply within our policies:

  1. 7600 Law: Law on Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (March 7, 2006).
  2. Constitutive Act of Costa Rican Social Security Art. 74.
  3. Decree No. 33745-S. Regulations on Tire Disposal. Health Ministry. —- Published in La Gaceta No. 92 Tuesday May 15, 2007. Page 3.

Therefore, we declare that, we are legally authorize to operate in transportation tourist services in Costa Rica.