Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.)

In Transnúñez we recognize that our work involves more than giving our clients the best service we can provide. We are aware that we have the responsibility to support our society, because the prosperity and strength of our company are linked to the welfare of the communities we serve and all over the country.

Transnúñez is conscious that the interaction we have towards our clients, workers and community is essential for us to reach our goals and to fulfill our social, economic, ethical and environmental responsibilities. The Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental in our company since from it we establish the guidelines for our conduct as well as giving us ability to Succeed. Facing national emergencies, the company will be eager to help with transportation according to any requirement deemed necessary.

We provide an atmosphere that fulfills all the current labor legislation of our country. Conducted labor practices are always carried out fulfilling professional ethics. In required cases, the possibility of flexibility in a working schedule can be accommodated due to special situations. We maintain a program of health and occupational security striving to improve the quality of the work environment.

Throughout the year, we carry out donations to community organizations and other institutions in and outside of our community. Among the institutions we support are the Red Cross of San Joaquín de Flores, the Social Pastoral Caritas of San Joaquin’s Parish, the Association for the Elderly Adult attendance in San Joaquín de Flores and Llorente de Flores School. Between the sheltered populations, there are children and adolescents in social risk, young people of the community with economic difficulties, elderly adults and the community’s health as a whole that we seek to aid.

Our employees are committed to serve our customers and give them the best service possible. We try to provide a superior service at a great value for our customers. In addition, we are always up to date with insurance policies payments in order to protect our customers and our units from any unexpected situation. We like to take care of our clients’ concerns in most timely manner. Every day we strive to improve on our service because we believe necessary to satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs.

We promote a working environment where our co-workers are educated so that they participate in resource conservation and motivate them to support the recycling of these products. In addition, we encourage the community to be part of our Recycling Program and help us to take care of our most precious environment. By collecting and donating these materials, we help those in need.

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